Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)

Client Name: Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth
Client Activity: Animal Rights & Welfare, Animal Rescue & Adoption
Client Site:

Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) is an animal rights non-profit based in Seoul. 

They needed a new English website to coincide with the launch of their new Korean website, and to look as much like it as possible. The original English website had been set up on Wix, but no one in the organisation had the skills or time to develop it.

However, as the site has evolved, the design has moved away from that and is now more representative of the full width corporate websites you can see.

This site was made with the Themify Ultra theme, and the major functional plugins used in the site are…

  • WP Charitable
  • Post Type Builder and related addons
  • CoSchedule
  • WP Forms Pro

WP Charitable

WP Charitable is a plugin that adds a light-weight Donor Management System to your WordPress site. If you cannot afford (or simply don’t want to pay for) one of the cloud based DMS solutions available, Charitable will fill that gap admirably.

As well as allowing you to set up unlimited Campaigns to collect donations, you can also allow others to create their own Campaigns on your site, either for the benefit of your non-profit, or for their own causes a la GoFundMe and other similar sites.

CARE uses WP Charitable for its ongoing and time-based campaigns, and allows others to raise funds on CARE’s behalf.

Post Type Builder

Post Type Builder (PTB) is a custom post type creator for WordPress which can be used with any theme.

Single adoptable animal page
Adoptable animal archive and search page

CARE uses the PTB plugin to create its Adoptable animal posts, the archive page, and the available addons to create the search page.


CoSchedule is a complete social media auto-posting solution.

They’ve been mentioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Marketing Content Platforms 2019 report, so they must be doing something right.

CoSchedule Social Media Calendar

CoSchedule enables you to view and manage your social media calendar at a glance, create social media campaigns, and recycle evergreen content, all from your WordPress dashboard.

CARE uses CoSchedule to manage 8 social channels in two languages across two websites, auto-posting adoptable animals and Guest Author posts via their Re-queue function.

WP Forms Pro

WP Forms Pro allows you to create custom information collection forms of almost any kind. You can use conditional logic in your forms, and even create conversational style forms (with an addon.)

CARE uses forms for general contact, volunteer, and press inquiries, to receive suspected animal abuse reports, and to receive guest author submissions.

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